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Rewriting in the appropriate register

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Hi John,

We are the lawyers for Billy Shears of the Pepperland Shoppe and are writing to you about something that happened on 18 May 2010.

Billy tells us that you went to his shop and seemed to be in a big rush. You went right past security and jumped to the head of the queue and said you wanted to buy a special kind of mixed peppercorns that came from Africa.

The clerk said, “wait” but you just got louder and louder. Finally, the store manager, Mr. Kite, came out and asked you what you wanted. You told him that you wanted to buy your special pepper “right away” and did not have to wait.

Mr. Kite told you to calm down but all you did was to shout even more. Finally, security made you leave.

But that wasn’t all. You stayed outside for one hour, still shouting. You scared customers away and made Billy Shears lose money.

Billy believes he lost money because of your actions. If you don’t apologize and pay Billy $500 dollars by Wednesday we will sue you and we will win.



Harry, George and Richie, Solicitors

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