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Reading excerpts from a purchase contract

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Manufactured Homes Purchase Contract

This is an offer to purchase that, if accepted by the Seller or his authorized agent, will become a binding purchase contract for the purchase of a manufactured or mobile home (hereinafter “Home” or “the Home.”)

I (We), the PURCHASER(S) offer to purchase the Home described below which is (strike one)

NEW USED under the terms and conditions contained herein.

Purchaser’s Name(s): Dorothy Witherby

Residence (Address/City/St/Zip): 262 Chester Street, Trenton, NJ 08601

Home Phone: (609) 543-2109


Anticipated Delivery Date: January 2, 2007

The Seller will deliver and install the Home on the terms set forth herein.

PLACEMENT. The Home is deemed delivered at the Seller’s lot and transportation and setup are the exclusive responsibility of the Purchaser.

RISK OF LOSS. The Purchaser assumes the risk of loss to the Home and appliances upon delivery to the Seller’s lot. The Purchaser waives any claims against the Seller relating to risk of loss after it is assumed by the Purchaser above, even if the Purchaser’s insurance is not yet effective.

ENTIRE AGREEMENT. This Contract is the entire agreement of the parties. No oral statements and no written document not included in this Contract affect the rights of the parties.

GOVERNING LAW. This Contract, all Schedules and Attachments, the application or interpretation thereof, shall be governed exclusively by its terms and by the laws of the State of New Jersey.

The Home is sold (strike one)


WARRANTY. The Seller warrants that the Seller is the true and lawful owner of the Home, and that the Home is free of any and all legal claims by others. Further, the Seller warrants that the Seller will defend the Purchaser against any and all lawful claims and demands in relation to this bill of sale.
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