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Reading a British demand letter

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Berry & Dyer
31 Albert Road

11 April 2016

Our ref. MCF/RB 1-1

Carmecom IT Rentals Ltd
64 Waldingfield Road
C012 3TQ

Dear Sir or Madam

Shark Computing Supplies Ltd

We are instructed by Shark Computing Supplies Ltd to seek recovery of sums unpaid on an invoice dated 4 February 2016, a further copy of which we enclose for your reference. You will note that as of today’s date the sum of £2349.89 is outstanding.

We write to advise that we are instructed to commence court proceedings to recover the debt, together with accrued interest and costs, unless payment in full is received by our client within the next 14 days.

Yours faithfully

Milt Peterson

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