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Reading Articles of Association of a Jersey company (1)

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Articles of Association


63. Any Director may at his sole discretion and at any time appoint any person (other than a person disqualified by law from being a director of a company) as an alternate Director to attend and vote in his place at any meetings of Directors at which he is not personally present PROVIDED THAT no person who is resident for the purposes of taxation in Jersey may be appointed an alternate Director.


73. The Directors may, by power of attorney or otherwise, appoint any person to be the attorney in fact or agent of the Company for such purposes and on such conditions as they determine, including authority for the attorney-in-fact or agent to delegate all or any of his powers.

74. The instrument (power of attorney or other) authorizing the attorney in fact to act as agent on behalf of the directors may be in any common form or in any other form approved by the Directors.

77. Where disclosure of a conflict of interest is made to the Secretary in accordance with Article 76 the Secretary shall inform the Directors that it has been made and table the notice of the disclosure at the next meeting of the Directors. Any disclosure at a meeting of the Directors shall be recorded in the minutes of the meeting.

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