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Reading a letter to a creator of a film (2)

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Mr Qasan Zafar
195 Street No.6, Timany Watt
Kabul 020

Dear Mr Zafar

I am writing on behalf of my client, Professor Phil Stone, who teaches at the Ideal Institute of Technology. Professor Stone is interested in a very limited use of your short film “Veiled Justice” in a new course, which will be offered at the IIT Law School. The working title of the course is “The Role of the Judge Around the World: A Comparative Perspective.”

According to Professor Stone, your film would be shown one time to the entire class and then discussed, along with a number of other short films by directors from around the world. Some short excerpts of your film would be reproduced on DVDs, which would be given to students for viewing at home. These samples would be used only as the basis for several writing assignments. Under no circumstances would the IIT Law School or Professor Stone offer these electronic reproductions of the excerpts from the film for sale to the students or the general public at any time. No other tangible copies of your work would be made at any point.

Because the copy of your film in our possession does not include a notice of copyright, I write to inquire about the copyright status of “Veiled Justice.” I am also providing you with notice of our intent to make fair use of the film and ensure that you do not have any objections to the limited use outlined above. Afghanistan is not a signatory to the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, and there are no applicable international, Afghani, or other laws that would prohibit such a limited, educational fair use of the film or require us to make royalty payments.

Naturally, Professor Stone will give you full credit as the creator of this content, and would be happy to forward to you the syllabus for the course. If you give permission to include your work, he would also be willing to send you a copy of the DVD with the film excerpts that will be used as the basis for the students’ work.

I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.


Bernard Feibelman

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