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Reading a letter from a lawyer to her client (1)

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Dear Mr Sniegon

Voyage booked through Frachtschiffreisen Zaltzman GmbH

I enclose a copy of a letter I have received from Ms Mészárosová of Ox Schiffahrt Zrt concerning your claim for the remainder of the money paid for your voyage. You will see that she is strenuously resisting our claim for the full amount. These are fairly standard tactics at this stage, and I am confident that you have a valid claim to pursue.

Should Ms Mészárosová continue in her refusal to accept our interpretation of the law, my advice would be to pursue this case to trial. This is not an instance in which mediation is likely to bring about a positive result, and recent case law suggests that the court would rule in your favour.

Before we file a claim with the court we must first address the matter of which court has jurisdiction. As you are now permanently residing in Krems, Austria, the most convenient court for you would be the Bezirksgericht Krems an der Donau in Austria.

Please confirm that you would like me to pursue this case on your behalf, and that you would like the trial to take place in Krems. I will then file a claim with the Bezirksgericht Krems an der Donau and contact you as soon as there are any further developments.

Kind regards

Sabine Brückelmaier
Brückelmaier & Konrad, Rechtsanwälte


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