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Reading a letter from a lawyer related to the purchase of real estate (2)

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Law Offices of Robert McCormick
14 Beacon Street
Newark, NJ 02345
(714) 459-3885

July 10, 2008

Mr. Jeremy Carter
262 Chester Street
Trenton, NY 08601

Dear Mr. Carter:

It was a pleasure meeting with you again last Monday. I understand your concerns about the transaction, but I am confident that all the necessary documents will be in order by the closing date.

As you’re aware, the Purchase and Sale Agreement requires that the seller deliver a warranty deed to you at closing, whereby the seller guarantees that he holds clear title to the property and that he has a right to sell it to you.

I spoke to the title insurance company. The company finished its title search at the Registry of Deeds and has confirmed the seller’s ownership of the house through the chain of title. The company did not find any encumbrances that would act as a cloud on the title to prevent the seller from conveying the property to you.

The seller has also agreed to buy title insurance, which will protect your interest in the property against any unknown encumbrances.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any additional questions regarding this matter. I look forward to seeing you at the closing at the end of the month.

Very truly yours,

Robert McCormick

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