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Prepositions: a conversation between two law students

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From: Douglas Tucker
Subject: Possible legal action
Date: 8 October 20–
To: Joshua Rutherford

Dear Josh

It was good to see you at the law clinic __1__ Tuesday. Thanks for coming by.

I’ve gone through some of the possible alternatives available to you with one of our volunteer solicitors and can now give you a brief outline of the main options. This does not constitute legal advice, and it would be __2__ your interests to consult a lawyer as soon as possible.

To briefly summarise the facts as I understand them. Your mother spent __3__ the main part of the money __4__ the sale of her previous property __5__ building an extension to the property currently under dispute (“Cathersides”, Aldridge Lane, Trumpton Park, Lancashire). Following the breakdown __6__ the relationship between your mother and Mr Rock, Mr Rock assured your mother that he would return the money spent __7__ his property. However, he has failed to respond to any of your mother’s requests to this effect.

If at all possible, we would advise __8__ litigation. As we discussed on Tuesday, this is certainly a case in which some form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) would be preferable. Mediation can be particularly effective __9__ domestic relations disputes such as this one, and would certainly involve less stress. An impartial, disinterested and neutral person would act __10__ as a mediator, and the proceedings would be immune __11__ disclosure in any court of law. Your legal rights would not be affected __12__ mediation, so formal legal proceedings would still remain open to you. We do have a number of solicitors trained __13__ mediation and would be pleased to arrange an initial meeting.

While we are ready to assist you __14__ this case, Legal Aid should also be available and a legal aid lawyer would certainly be able to put you in contact __15__ a professional mediator should they feel unable to take on the case.

I hope that this helps. Please do contact me should you have any further questions.

Kind regards

Doug Tucker

PS Please see the attached list __16__ Legal Aid solicitors.

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