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Planning what to write

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Writing is a process that involves several steps.

The first step is called prewriting. In this step you must narrow a topic so that it is specific enough to write about. For example, if you were to write about “Legal Agreements” it would be too large to write about. Therefore, you would need to narrow the topic until it is specific enough to write about. For example:

legal agreements > different forms of agreements > contracts > corporate contracts > types of shareholder contracts > share purchase agreements


You have been asked by your senior partner to prepare a presentation outlining one aspect of real property law in your jurisdiction as part of a training session for new trainees. Using the prewriting approach, narrow this general topic into a specific topic for a twenty minute presentation.

Write the title of your presentation at the top of a Word document and save it. You will use this document to complete the next few tasks. Please note, you only need to write the title of the presentation – you do not need to write the presentation itself.

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