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A letter to a client concerning a property purchase

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Dear Mr McCord

Purchase of 38 Rue des Vignerons, F-94305 Vincennes

I am writing on behalf of Ms Vignaud to bring you up to date with the progress on your purchase of the above named property.

We have now received the draft sales documentation from the seller’s lawyer and enclose copies of the following documents for your consideration:

  1. Office copy entries: these are issued by the French Land Registry. These show the ownership of the property together with any third party rights (eg loans secured against the property, rights of way across the property etc which affect the property). They show that M. Claret is the sole owner of the property, subject to a mortgage in favour of the Société Générale bank which will be paid off on sale of the property. There are no third party rights affecting the property.
  2. Fixtures, fittings and property information forms: these forms are completed by the seller and give information about the property. It would be sensible to clarify certain details without delay. In particular, we should obtain the completion certificate in respect of the extension that was added to the property in 2007.
  3. Planning documents: these show that permission was granted for the building of the extension.
  4. Water service and local tax bills: these are paid up to the present date.
  5. Contract in duplicate: please sign, but do not date, both copies and return them to me.

I will now write to the seller’s solicitors with some additional enquiries.

Provided we receive satisfactory replies to these, we should be able to exchange contracts quite soon.

Yours sincerely

Jane Hoquy

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