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Using linking words to complete a letter

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Dear Mr. Smith-Jones,

We represent Mr. Simon Neil in relation to a claim of copyright infringement.

Our client advises us that he is the author of a play entitled South by Southeast. He wrote this play in 2003.

According to our client, he went to the cinema on March 28, 2011 to see a new film of the same name as his play. Upon entering the theater he was surprised to see that the plot of the film was identical to that of his play. He discovered that you were the author of the screenplay ___ attempted to contact you to discuss this matter. ___, you refused all attempts to communicate with him.

My client contacted Nigel Rhys-Davies, the producer of your film. Mr. Rhys-Davies promised he would look into the matter ___ never responded to my client.

We have reviewed both the film and the script of my client’s play. ___ you have committed copyright infringement of my client’s common law rights. ___, my client believes that he is entitled to significant monetary damages.

Your immediate response is requested. ___, we will have no choice but to commence appropriate legal action.

Yours sincerely,

Brot and Able Solicitors

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