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Listening: a dialogue between lawyer and client

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Carmen: Hello? M. Grosjean?

M. Grosjean: Hello. I wanted to thank you for all of your hard work on the case – a great result!

Carmen: Not at all! I’m just preparing the costs now for the other side.

M. Grosjean: Ah. That’s what I wanted to ask you about.

Carmen: Actually, I’m going to have to leave shortly and need to go through a few things with my paralegal. Can I ask her to call you?

M. Grosjean: Yes, that would be fine. Oh – just before you go. Do you think they’ll dispute the fees?

Carmen: Honestly? I think they probably will, yes. But they really have no grounds on which to make any objections that could be upheld at an assessment hearing.

M. Grosjean: Assessment hearing?

Carmen: Yes. I’m sorry to sound so rushed, but I really do have to be quick. My paralegal will explain everything to you. Can I ask her to call you in about half an hour?

M. Grosjean: Can we make it an hour, I’m expecting a call.

Carmen: OK, will do. Goodbye M. Grosjean.

M. Grosjean: Goodbye.
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Where a costs order has been made following a trial, an assessment of costs is the procedure by which the court decides how much of the successful party’s legal costs should be paid by the unsuccessful party. The parties can agree between themselves what level of costs should be paid but if they cannot agree, they must go through the assessment procedure.

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