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An agency offer

Dear Sirs

Agency offer

I am writing to you on behalf of my client, Mr Berto Senna of Bertocom S.A.

At a recent event held at the Portuguese Embassy in Paris, the trade commissioner for Botswana, Mr Kefentse Dilebo, suggested that Bertocom’s innovative handheld computer systems might be of interest to Botswana’s educators. Specifically, the Smiley handheld pc could be of great benefit to schoolchildren and teachers as Botswana begins to introduce more technology into the classroom. My client has since been informed that you may be interested in acting as his agent in your country.

I am enclosing a brochure detailing Bertocom’s various products, including the Smiley. As you will see, the product is small, durable, resistant to the toughest of conditions and moderately priced. The Smiley comes with the Linux operating system pre-installed and benefits from the availability of a vast quantity of freely available open source software.

Bertocom currently export to Namibia and Angola, and would like to expand to Botswana, where, according to Mr Dilebo, there is an increasing demand for products such as those produced by Bertocom.

The type of agency we are looking for will be one capable of covering the whole of Botswana. We are offering a 10% commission on net list prices, plus advertising support. There would be an additional 2.5% del credere commission if the agent is willing to guarantee the customer’s accounts, and he may be in a position to offer generous credit terms once we have approved the account.

My client believes that this is a unique opportunity to develop in an expanding market. If you believe that you have the resources to handle a sole agency covering Botswana, and feel that you can develop this market, please contact me as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully

Jane Hoquy

Theroux and Partners Attorneys at Law (on behalf of Bertocom S.A.)

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