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Reading a deed for a property (2)

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Peter D. Mann and Judith Mann
of 123 Hurlburt Street, Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts,

for consideration paid and in full consideration of TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-FIVE THOUSAND Dollars (U.S. $285 000) grant to The Trustees of The Johnson College, a Massachusetts educational institution, with an address of Hadley, Massachusetts, with quitclaim covenants


a certain parcel of land with the buildings thereon situated and now numbered 123 on Hurlburt Street, in Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, bounded and described as follows:

EASTERLY by Hurlburt Street, ninety-five feet;
SOUTHERLY by Lot 15, as shown on a plan hereinafter mentioned, one hundred twenty feet;
WESTERLY by land now or formerly of Madison, ninety-five feet; and
NORTHERLY by Lot 17, as shown on said plan, one hundred twenty-two

Said premises are shown as Lot 16 on a plan dated February 2, 1890, by V.B. Dixon & Son, Surveyors, recorded with Middlesex South District Registry of Deeds, Plan Book 59, Plan 6, contain according to said plan one 11 561 square feet.

Or however otherwise said premises may be bounded or described and be all or any of said measurements or contents more or less, being the same premises conveyed to the grantors by The Second National bank of Boston, Trustee of One State Real Estate Trust by deed dated September 13, 1960 and recorded with said Deeds, Book 9450, Page 290.

The grantors hereby reserve an estate in the premises for the life of Judith Mann.

WITNESS our hand and seal this 29th day of December 1991

Judith Mann
Peter D. Mann


December 29,1991

Then personally appeared the above named Judith Mann and Peter D. Mann and acknowledged the foregoing instrument to be their free act and deed before me.



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