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Prepositions in the context of a summary

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From: Katy Plunkett <>
Subject:Thanks for dinner!
Date: 7 November 20–11:08:05 AM GMT+01:00
To: Dom Plunkett <>

Hi Dom

Just a quick note to say thanks a lot for dinner last night. Sorry about Nigel, he’s been a bit uptight recently – the exhibition didn’t go as well as he’d hoped (thanks for buying the picture by the way!).

I thought I should write a quick summary of some of the things we discussed. The investment sounds exciting, but do get some sound financial and legal advice before going ahead. Here are a few things to consider:

OK, hope this helps. As I said, I would be very happy to recommend someone. Thanks again for dinner. You must both come to us sometime, but probably best leave it for a few more weeks ;-).

All the best


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