You focus on teaching. Our Legal English Lab does the rest.

Help your students to a career-changing level.

Teach more effectively in less time by using a proven coursebook, online vocabulary courses, Legal English diagnostic testing and an online multilingual law dictionary – all in ONE digitalized platform.
From the authors of International Legal English, the world’s bestselling coursebook in Legal English
for over a decade (published by Cambridge University Press)

With the Legal English Lab, you can guarantee:

More than 95% of your time is spent on actually helping students improve their Legal English.

No, or very little, time is spent on assignments, testing or grading students. Instead their progress is measured individually, automatically, in real time so you can work more with students who need your help.

You can support your students at any time – live in the classroom or remotely.

Your course is designed in a way that it meets the professional requirements of your students, based on Introduction to International Legal English, written by Amy Bruno-Lindner, Matt Firth, and TransLegal (Cambridge University Press 2008).

Your students receive a cutting-edge, multimedia learning experience which is both educational and enjoyable.

Your course covers the most essential fields of law that students will actually use in their professional career.

An entire Legal English platform providing:

Suitability for both f2f and remote teaching via the ease of using your institution’s own LMS or any other video conferencing tool (e.g. Zoom, Skype etc).

Detailed analytics so you can track the progress of your students individually in real time without any extra admin workload.

Semi-automated answer keys and automated feedback in the coursebook that help you greatly reduce evaluation time.

A range of online courses that teach the specific legal vocabulary needed to work in different areas of the law. These are fully online self-study courses and are appropriate for you to help your students improve their vocabulary in specific areas.

The Legal English Audit, a diagnostic online test that gives you the information you need to help you plan a course of study. The results are provided in a language report which can be conveniently used to determine the language level of your students.

The World Law Dictionary is a unique and powerful legal language tool: not only does it allow users to search in multiple languages for English translations of the legal terms, it also provides sound files for pronunciation, usage notes, example sentences, language exercises and videos.

A course-authoring tool that enables you to personalize and add custom lessons to the curriculum.

A built-in audio player that lets your students listen to the audio material on the lesson page without needing to insert a CD or download anything.

A detailed API that lets you integrate with your university’s LMS or other IT systems.

And 12 pre-built units…

…based on International Legal English and Introduction to International Legal English, written by Matt Firth, Amy Bruno-Lindner, and TransLegal (Cambridge University Press 2008)

  • authentic materials used as the basis of the course from a variety of academic, legislative, and vocational contexts
  • the fields of law covered include commercial law, criminal law, tort law, comparative law, public and private international law, intellectual property law, and human rights law
  • an extensive library of handouts for self-study and class use
  • over 350 self-study exercises with automated feedback
  • communicative case studies training reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in an authentic context
  • communicative speaking and writing tasks
  • regular updates with additional material

With each university license you and your students get

  • A 12 Unit digital coursebook with the exact same material as Introduction to International Legal English (value of €50)
  • Easy custom integration to any LMS you are currently using (value of €290)
  • TransLegal’s World Law Dictionaries for free (value of €15 per student per month)
  • Legal English Audit diagnostic testing tool (value of €50 per test)
  • A range of online vocabulary courses ( value of €250-€350 per course)
  • BONUS I – Free access to teacher’s book including extensive additional material for class use (value €100)
  • BONUS II – Monthly teaching methodology webinars by Cambridge-trained professionals (value €250 per webinar)

Free for teachers
€50 per student with university license

(instead of €400 per student with commercial license – €350 off per student)
*this special offer is only available to universities and their students