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barrister noun

(UK & COMMONWEALTH) a lawyer that is allowed to plead for a client in the lower and higher courts (NB a solicitor is only allowed to plead for a client in the lower courts, although it is far more common for a barrister to plead and for a solicitor to instruct the barrister)
His barrister entered no plea to a drink-driving allegation.

It's often mistakenly thought that barristers are the only ones that are allowed to plead for client in court, and that solicitors do all the pre-trial work. Now that's generally the case, but since 1998 in the UK solicitors have also been allowed to plead for clients in the lower courts. Generally speaking they don't, because it’s barristers that have the specific advocacy training. But they can. Barristers are often seen as the legal experts and very often solicitors will ask for a barrister’s opinion (or counsel's opinion) on a particularly difficult legal question. In fact, a while ago I had a story of a barrister who was asked by a by solicitor,” Can I ask you two questions five hundred pounds?” The barrister said, “Of course you can. And what’s the second question?”

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