Legal English Courses

Choose the online Legal English course that’s right for you.


TransLegal offers a range of online courses that teach the specific legal vocabulary needed to work in different areas of the law. These are fully online self-study courses and are most appropriate for you if your level of general English is good but you want to improve your vocabulary in specific areas.


TransLegal’s digital coursebook is a blended learning course training reading, writing, listening and speaking skills using authentic legal documents and resources. The course may be used for self-study but is primarily designed to be used as a coursebook for a teacher-led course.

Our 30 years of expertise becomes your 30 years of expertise!


TransLegal has been helping lawyers improve their Legal English skills for the last 20 years and created the Cambridge English: Legal (ILEC) examination together with Cambridge University. So, you can trust our products to be fair and reliable.

User Friendly

Our services are delivered online wherever you want: at the firm or at home. All our products are available 24/7.

No special software needed

No special software is needed and all of your data (past scores for each exercise) is saved in a database and accessed each time you log on, allowing you to track your progress.


We make our products available to law firms at a group discount.

TransLegal gives you the right tools to prepare for the challenges of performing in an international legal environment