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The Scope Of IP Due Diligence

An intellectual property practitioner is often requested to perform a due diligence ("DD") review in connection with a potential merger or acquisition. The information, report or summary produced based on such a review varies greatly depending on the nature of…

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Monkey See. Monkey Do. Monkey Get Paid??

One of the more interesting – and as yet largely untested – questions in the copyright world is who owns the copyright of works of art created by animals, i.e. non-humans. At first glance, this seems like a rather silly…

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Are We Exclusive?

When is an "exclusive” license not exclusive? This is a question that arises in a surprising number of disputes involving license agreements. Too many contract drafters rely on certain terminology under the assumption that such terms have common meanings in…

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IPad = IProblem?

The introduction and upcoming launch of Apple’s new iPad has been the subject of much discussion within the world of IT. The name of the product is already a source of contention. Numerous other companies including Fujitsu, Magtek and Siemens…

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Importance Of IP Due Diligence

A due diligence review is important for evaluating all aspects of a potential merger or acquisition. If a due diligence review is being conducted on behalf of the buyer, the information gathering process, including that relating to intellectual property, is…

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Naked Licenses (not As Exciting As They Sound)

Given the nature of trademarks as source identifiers, trademark owners are often required by law to maintain a close connection with the licensee to ensure that the quality standards are maintained so that the consumer is not deceived. Failure to…

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Policing Trademarks: How Much Is Too Much?

Once a trademark has been registered, it is often the responsibility of a trademark lawyer or agent to adequately police the marks. Trademarks must be actively used and defended. A company which fails to defend a trademark against infringement may…

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The Evolution Of The Cybersquatter

The emergence of the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (“UDRP”) and other dispute resolution procedures have made it increasingly difficult for others to make money from traditional forms of cybersquatting. It is much more difficult for a traditional cybersquatter to successfully…

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