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Long Road To SWIFT Agreement

After long, drawn-out negotiations, an agreement was finally signed, on June 28, 2010, granting the US access to the SWIFT database. This agreement between Brussels and Washington is meant to help combat terrorism by making it easier to follow the…

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Attack On The Body Scanners

Article: Full body scanners What is the naked truth about security scanners? Full-body scanners, also known as naked scanners, "perv scanners (colloq.)", or arches have been criticized by civil liberties groups, religious organizations, Interpol and the European Court of Human…

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The EU’s World Cup Goals

As football fever sweeps the globe, the EU is hoping to achieve some of its own goals. When the European Commission ("the Commission) met the Commission of the African Union last week , just before the start of the World…

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Consumer-friendly Justice

We know that it’s possible to be too friendly, but can a Member State be too consumer-friendly? That was the question posed to the Court of Justice of the European Union in Case C-484/08: Caja de Ahorros y Monte de…

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Don’t Bet On Net Betting

Two gambling companies lost their claims alleging that they didn’t get a sporting chance to do business in The Netherlands. Ladbrokes and Betfair both challenged the Dutch monopoly on gambling. They lost in the Court of Justice of the European…

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Don’t Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

State aid is more than just statements. Public statements made by French authorities may have helped France Télécom’s (FT) financial standing, but mere words cannot constitute illegal State aid. This was the conclusion of the General Court of the EU…

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Don’t Check In Until You Check This Out

If your luggage is worth more to you than 1,134.71 euros, you might want to think twice or make special arrangements before checking it in on an European airline. The EU Court of Justice recently confirmed that the liability of…

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Decision Distorts Dalí’s Will

Spanish painter Salvador Dalí died in Spain and established the Spanish State as sole legatee over his intellectual property (IP) rights which are administered by a Spanish foundation and managed by a Spanish society. It seems surreal, then, that French…

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Is Privilege In The House?

Case study: The scope of lawyer-client privilegeDoes the fundamental right to protection of communications between lawyers and their clients extend to in-house counsel? Not under EU law, says Advocate General Kokott in the case of Akzo Nobel Chemicals Ltd and…

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Eruption Causing Disruption

When Islandic volcano Eyjafjalla erupted, it caused passengers’ tempers to erupt from the almost total lock-down of European airspace. Some stranded travelers were worried about getting their money back for tickets, food, hotels and phone calls, while others were worried…

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