Use of “less than” and “more than”

Use of “less than” and “more than”

When using “less than” and “more than” in a list of periods, quantities, or charges, there is the danger of leaving a hiatus (a break or a gap). For example, where the compensation payable in respect of late completion of work varies according to the length of the delay, the following list is incorrect:

Less than 7 days (0-6) £100
More than 7 days but less than 14 days (8-13) £200
More than 14 days but less than 21 days (15-20) £300

Drafter’s Tip

The danger can be avoided by the correct use of “exceeding” and “not exceeding”. The above list should read:

Not exceeding 7 days (0-7) £100
Exceeding 7 days but not exceeding 14 days (8-14) £200
Exceeding 14 days but not exceeding 21 days (15-21) £300