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The Drafter regularly provides useful tips and advice with regard to document drafting. Here, in Drafting Practitioner, you have the opportunity to practice your drafting skills. Model answers are provided. EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT Issues to be considered XX is to be…

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Upon receiving an initial draft of a contract, many practitioners are requested to amend certain provisions and make changes to the document. The ultimate goal of any re-drafting attempt should be a clearer, more concise document which leaves little (or…

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Regular readers of this blog are well aware of our penchant for abolishing archaic language and promoting simple, modern turns of phrase, i.e. plain English (Legal English Dictionary). In the past we have discouraged the use of whereas at the…

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In Legal English, there are a number of different terms which signify the ending or closing of a contract. Although all of these terms indicate that the previous deal between parties has come to an end, there are subtle differences…

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