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permanent injury


Definitions of permanent injury

  • physical or mental harm that cannot get better or be made better, especially concerning employment. The term can also be used in relation to property, especially real property (=land and buildings).

    "If the plaintiff's attorney fails to call the expert to testify, the plaintiff will be unlikely to recover for any permanent injury."

Phrase Bank for permanent injury

  • Over defendant’s objection both answered that she had. The doctors were also asked in nonstatutory language whether plaintiff had sustained a permanent injury and both answered that she had.

  • At 291-92, the amended complaint does not allege a mere isolated episode of inadvertence, but persistent conduct in the face of resultant pain and risk of permanent injury.

  • Delayed effects of radiosurgery are difficult to study because of the time needed for their development, the necessity to distinguish temporary from permanent injury with additional follow-up.

  • We also have found “deliberate indifference” to exist where the prison official persists in a particular course of treatment “in the face of resultant pain and risk of permanent injury.”

  • … (i) a just proportion of the Annual Base Rent, according to the nature and extent of the taking, appropriation or condemnation and the resulting permanent injury to the Premises and the means of access thereto.

  • will not cause permanent damage or injury to the Building or any other portion of the Property.

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