The term “yrkeshemmelighet” can be translated into 2 different English terms. Click on one that matches your context.

  1. 1. business secret
  2. 2. trade secret




business secret



trade secret


Definitions of business secret

  • information of a sensitive nature about the business of a company which the company has a legitimate interest in keeping confidential

    "All business secrets shall be removed from the decision before publication."

Phrase Bank for business secret

  • The comments of the employee constituted a disclosure of business secrets.

  • The buyer had to sign a confidentiality agreement to keep business secrets safe.

  • Information about prices or sales information as a whole was not deemed a business secret by the court.

Additional Notes for business secret

  • Also known as a trade secret.

Definitions of trade secret

  • a secret method, formula or device that that gives a business an advantage over the competition and which is unpatented in order to keep it a secret

    "US prosecutors charged three people with unlawfully stealing and selling trade secrets from the Coca-Cola company."

Phrase Bank for trade secret

  • Employee will be exposed to the Company’s Trade Secrets.

  • Employee and Peregrine agree that for Peregrine and its products a 12 month period of protection is reasonable and necessary in order to protect Peregrine’s trade secrets and Confidential Information.

  • Trade secret information and Confidential Information that Employee has come to possess during his employment involve valuable and proprietary information.

  • This will be in force for so long as such material remains a Trade Secret.

  • North Highland confronted the same problem on its misrepresentation of a trade secret claim.

  • Employers and employees both need clarity on what constitutes a trade secret.

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