The term “myndighetsmisbruk” can be translated into 5 different English terms. Click on one that matches your context.

  1. 1. abuse of authority
  2. 2. abuse of power
  3. 3. malfeasance
  4. 4. malfeasance in office
  5. 5. official misconduct




abuse of authority


abuse of power






malfeasance in office


official misconduct

Definitions of abuse of power

  • the illegal or harmful use of legal, political, or other powers

    "Thailand's prime minister has appeared before the Constitutional Court to defend herself against allegations of abuse of power."

Phrase Bank for abuse of power

  • The government on Sunday announced plans to reform the country’s three major investigation agencies, a move partly aimed at preventing abuse of power by such government institutions that include the spy agency.

  • Mr Justice Colton held that Stormont’s introduction of reduced tariffs in the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme (RHI) did not represent an abuse of power.

  • A blueprint to reform Korea’s spy agency, police and prosecution aims to prevent abuse of power and to better serve the people and the nation.

  • Unnamed Concordia English professors are being accused of rampant sexual harassment and abuse of power.

  • The legal dispute over the Business Loop CID election has drawn the attention of some of Missouri’s most well-respected jurists, who are calling for the Missouri Supreme Court to end what they call an abuse of power by trial court judges across the state.

Definitions of malfeasance

  • an unlawful or illegal act

    "I do not think your current failure has been due to any deliberate malfeasance."

Phrase Bank for malfeasance

  • In a statement, the company said it was unaware of any fraud or malfeasance.

  • I do not think your failure has been due to any deliberate malfeasance.

  • Charged with malfeasance, he pleaded carelessness.

  • The company terminated the contracts of all the managers who were part of the alleged corporate malfeasance.

  • The officers face charges of armed criminal conspiracy, malfeasance in office, and tampering with investigations of criminal offenses.

  • The Heydon royal commission into trade unions could find little systemic malfeasance or corruption.

Additional Notes for malfeasance

  • In American English, malfeasance is most commonly used to refer to misconduct by public and corporate officials. In British English it is much broader and refers to any unlawful act.

Common Mistakes for malfeasance

  • The term misfeasance has a more general meaning than malfeasance, and refers to any kind of trespass, wrongdoing, or transgression.

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