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  1. 1. equal treatment principle
  2. 2. national treatment principle
  3. 3. principle of equal treatment




equal treatment principle


national treatment principle



principle of equal treatment


Definitions of national treatment principle

  • the principle of giving people and companies from other states the same treatment as one’s own citizens

    "Little is known about whether this national treatment principle is upheld in practice."

Phrase Bank for national treatment principle

  • … is not applied so as to afford protection to domestic production, in violation of the national treatment principle of Article III:1.

  • Moreover, it is conceivable that a tax consistent with the national treatment principle (for instance, a high but non-discriminatory excise tax) has a more severe impact on the exports of other contracting parties than a tax that violates that principle (for instance a very low but discriminatory tax).

  • From the perspective of the overall objectives of the General Agreement it is regrettable that the Superfund Act explicitly directs the United States tax authorities to impose a tax inconsistent with the national treatment principle but, since the Superfund Act also gives them the possibility to avoid the need to impose that tax by issuing regulations.

  • The Panel considered that, as Article III applied the national treatment principle to both regulations and internal taxes, the provisions of Article III:4 applicable to regulations should be interpreted taking into account interpretations by the CONTRACTING PARTIES of the provisions of Article III:2 applicable to taxes.

  • Thus, under the national treatment principle of Article III, contracting parties may apply border tax adjustments with regard to those taxes that are borne by products, but not for domestic taxes not directly levied on products (such as corporate income taxes).

  • This applies in particular to the rights deriving from the national treatment principle.

Definitions of principle of equal treatment

  • a rule forbidding discrimination on grounds of sex

    "The principle of equal treatment requires that all suppliers be treated equally."

Phrase Bank for principle of equal treatment

  • The fundamental principles of European Community law with regard to public procurement are the principles of non-discrimination, equal treatment, transparency, proportionality, and mutual recognition.

  • The Equal Treatment Directive implements the principle of equal treatment between men and women in EU labour law.

  • Directive 2006/54/EC of 5 July 2006 on the implementation of the principle of equal opportunities and equal treatment of men and women in matters of employment and occupation (recast).

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