The term “advare” can be translated into 3 different English terms. Click on one that matches your context.

  1. 1. admonish
  2. 2. notify
  3. 3. warn












Definitions of admonish

  • to tell someone in very strong terms that you do not approve their behaviour or of what they have done, often as a part of a punishment

    "Appeal judges admonished O'Donnell after hearing of mental health problems and lack of proof over criminal motive."

Phrase Bank for admonish

  • Montoya Williams chiefs refused to admonish Juan Pablo Montoya for claiming that he was forced off the track by Ferrari’s Michael Schumacher.

  • Lady Stacey said she felt there were enough unusual circumstances in the case to allow her to admonish Woodward.

  • This was obviously an emotional situation where tempers were lost and in these circumstances I am going to admonish you.

  • The State Commission was right to admonish the two judges over their political activities.

Additional Notes for admonish

  • In common law systems, the word can also describe a judge advising a jury about the jury’s responsibilities or the admissibility of evidence.

Comparative law notes and translator tips

  • to give a strong warning to a person

Definitions of notify

  • tell; to tell someone officially about something, often about an event or something that has happened or will happen

    "The strikers did not observe the legal obligation to notify their employers of their withdrawal of labour."

Phrase Bank for notify

  • The President will notify Congress of her intent to use the remaining $350 billion.

  • The plaintiff is required to notify the court before trial if the dispute is settled.

  • The company will notify candidates of the procedures to be followed.

  • You must notify us as soon as reasonably practicable (= possible).

Additional Notes for notify

  • This is an example of legalese, the formal and technical language of the law that is often difficult to understand, especially for non-lawyers. In most cases it is best practice to replace the legalese term with the word or phrase given as a definition, as the definitions are simpler and more readable. Note that this may sometimes require changing other parts of the sentence.

  • notification (noun) the act of telling someone officially about something that has happened or will happen; a document telling someone officially about something that has happened or will happen: Notification must be made in writing within seven days.

Definitions of warn

  • to tell someone about a possible risk, harm, danger or unpleasant situation

    "I have warned you against this course of action."

  • to threaten someone, a business entity or an institution with punishment for a wrongful action

    "A High Court judge has warned banks not to behave unreasonably when customers sue for unlawful charges."

Phrase Bank for warn

  • The product warned of potential harm.

  • The arbitrator warned of further damage if the matter was not resolved quickly.

  • The attorney was warned by the court.