written request


  • Business (Corporate) Law/Company Law

Definitions of written request

  • a piece of written correspondence that you or someone acting on your behalf sends to someone asking for information or for something to be done

    Ms McCaul had made a written request to work a three-day week.

Phrase Bank for written request

  • Upon written request from Coffee People, CBI agrees to …

  • The Company shall have the right, from time to time and upon written request, to audit, review and inspect any and all Expenses for which advancement, reimbursement and/or indemnification is sought (“Expense Audit”).

  • A person who believes that he or she being denied a benefit to which he or she is entitled under this Agreement (hereinafter referred to as a “Claimant”) may file a written request for such benefit with the Corporation, setting forth his or her claim.

  • From time to time at the written request of Corel, Vector will provide, or will cause to be provided, the following services to Corel:

  • NHK argues that contracts should be viewed as concluded when a written request is delivered toa residence or business.

  • All a resident has to do is present at a council meeting a written request of what he or she wants the council to vote on.

  • The Times is awaiting a court date to defend its request for more detailed information about those who have died from drug overdoses from Gabauer, who denied a written request in January under the state’s Right to Know Law.