unless order


  • Dispute Resolution
  • UK Law

Definitions of unless order

  • a court order that may be made where a party is in contempt or has failed to comply with a previous order. That party may be prevented from making a subsequent application to the court unless they comply with the terms of the original order.

    The defendants were subject to an unless order which required them to disclose certain information, failing which their defence would be struck out.

Phrase Bank for unless order

  • This is an example of an “unless” order. It must be adapted to the specific facts and circumstances, and should be read in conjunction with the integrated drafting notes.

  • This led the court to impose an Unless Order to secure the husband’s compliance and deter him from his continuing breach.

  • The defendants were subject to an unless order.

  • The Court of Appeal this month considered the issue of relief from sanctions following the breach of an unless order, and in doing so applied the guidance given in Mitchell and the three stage test subsequently set out in Denton.

  • A hearing on the question of whether a party has complied with an unless order is always a fraught one.

Additional Notes for unless order

  • The term is known as an unless order, because the terms of the order are that “Unless you do that, this will happen”.