ultra vires


  • Jurisprudence
  • Procedural Law and Evidence
  • Business (Corporate) Law/Company Law

Definitions of ultra vires

  • used to describe an action that goes beyond a person or business entity’s legal power or authority

    The transactions were declared unlawful because they were ultra vires - beyond the council's legal powers.

Phrase Bank for ultra vires

  • By abusing its power, it acts in an ultra vires manner.

  • The doctrine of ultra vires has been held directly applicable.

  • Many types of illegality render a decision ultra vires.

  • The parties hereto acknowledge and agree that any violation of the foregoing provision will constitute an ultra vires act on behalf of the Company, and that any ultra vires act will constitute and impose personal liability on behalf of the violating party with respect to any such prohibited act and omission.

  • They may not alter the resolutions of a shareholders’ general meeting or of a board meeting nor act ultra vires.

  • No act of the Corporation shall be invalid or ultra vires by reason of the fact that the Corporation failed to comply with the covenants of SECTION 2(g) of this ARTICLE IV.

Additional Notes for ultra vires

  • The term ultra vires is Latin for beyond the power. It is applied especially to acts of directors exceeding the scope of powers granted by the articles of association of the company or the laws of the state of incorporation: The School Board engaged in a variety of ultra vires activities.

  • intra vires (adverb) within the permitted powers; with legal authority: The Supreme Court ruled that the act was intra vires the constitution.