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Definitions of transparent

  • a transparent process, activity, or organisation is clear and easy to understand, and does not try to keep anything secret

    Dealers have been told to be more transparent with their consumers.

  • obvious; clear

    That's a transparent attempt to bribe the voters.

  • if an object or a material is transparent then it allows light to pass through so objects can be seen through it; see-through

    Background Color: Backgrounds which are not transparent must have a color(s) which are using a HSB color space, between 0% and 50% in saturation, and between 50% and 80% in brightness.

Phrase Bank for transparent

  • We aim to inspire investor confidence by ensuring that pay governance processes are measured, transparent and aligned with Peregrine financial success.

  • The entire operation of the Learning Center shall be open and transparent and reported annually to the three Parties.

  • 2.7 In the event that Inktomi’s Redirect URL service is down, Inktomi will modify its Results in such a way that the outage is transparent to Customer and Customer’s users within fifteen (15) minutes of the outage by modifying the URLs to be non- redirected URLs.

  • The entire process takes less than four seconds and is completely transparent to the consumer.

  • USA also shall have the right to superimpose a transparent logo of the USA Network program service throughout each such carriage.

Additional Notes for transparent

  • transparency (noun) easily understood or seen through, straightforward, obvious, open: Scandals like the one that toppled Cuthbert’s have inspired calls for greater corporate transparency.