tantamount to


Definitions of tantamount to

  • to be essentially the same as something else

    "Such aggressive interrogation techniques are tantamount to torture."

Phrase Bank for tantamount to

  • If this Agreement is terminated by reason of disputes between the parties, or an event takes place that is tantamount to the termination hereof, GRAVITY may request the sales agents to perform their obligations under the sales agency agreements for the benefit of GRAVITY.

  • The use of the licensed premises as hereinafter stated will not tantamount to or be deemed or construed as a tenancy or will not create any tenancy or other similar right or interest and the For Kanbay Software (India) Pvt. Ltd. /s/ Arun D. Khisty Arun D. Khisty Sr.

  • Non submission of insurance coverage and certificate there ofwill tantamount to Licensee’s consent to cancel the Licence.

  • 1.2 In the event of any other casualty which shall not be tantamount to Total Destruction the Landlord shall repair and restore the Building and the Leased Premises to substantially the same condition as they were prior to the damage or destruction, with reasonable speed and dispatch.

  • Acceptance of the keys shall not be tantamount to or evidence of a surrender.

  • The disciplinary hearing by the state bar is not tantamount to criminal charges.