Definitions of supply

  • the act of providing, selling or making something available

    "The directive deals with the supply of medicinal products in the Community."

Phrase Bank for supply

  • The government have therefore controlled the money supply, creating in effect a mini-depression.

  • It would cut off electricity supplies to large parts of the South and cause flooding of polluted rivers and creeks which would then contaminate the entire region.

  • He would employ a search firm only when he had exhausted his own supply of personal contacts.

  • In these circumstances, raising interest rates reduces the supply of money.

  • Some jobs require many years of training, which restricts the supply of labour.

  • The prison served as a means of ensuring a supply of labour.

  • High interest rates thus increased the effective money supply.

  • This is unlikely to work in areas where demand outstrips supply.

Additional Notes for supply

  • supply (verb) to provide, sell, or make something available:In addition, Supplier will not make changes to Products being supplied pursuant to mutually agreed Specifications.