statutory law


  • Common law systems

Definitions of statutory law

  • laws passed by a legislature

    The government would like to compile an electronic database of statutory law.

Phrase Bank for statutory law

  • In Sinclair Broad. Grp., Inc. v. Commissioner, the Tax Court found that the Commissioner’s “double-application theory” relied on in Revenue Notice 99-07 had no basis in statutory law and there was no evidence that the legislature intended that § 382 limitation be apportioned.

  • (a) To the fullest extent permitted by law, the Officer shall have no monetary liability … as amended, or similar provision of any state statutory law or common law.

  • The court found that such a duty existed under both common law and New York statutory law.

  • There has never been a disciplinary procedure for anyone caught doing so because no statutory law exists.

  • Statutory law requires that any federal limitation amount determined under I.R.C. § 382 after a corporate acquisition must be applied to net income prior to apportionment in each post-change year to which a NOL is carried forward.

Additional Notes for statutory law

  • statute (noun) a piece of codified law passed by a legislative body, rather than uncodified derived from custom, books of authority and cases tried in court etc: The statute was enacted to deal with the problem of insider trading.