statutory body


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Definitions of statutory body

  • an institution, established by a legislative body, that has the legal authority to take action in a certain area

    The committee is an independent statutory body set up under the Climate Change Act to advise the UK government on setting carbon budgets.

Phrase Bank for statutory body

  • 1.3.5 proper outgoings that are charged, assessed, or imposed upon the Common Parts by any statutory body.

  • (g) CEIS is a statutory body with legal person status validly existing under the laws of the People’s Republic of China.

  • … any costs incurred by the Landlord in carrying out of any works precautions or other matters as may be required by the Environment Agency or any other relevant statutory body or local authority to remove or remedy or contain any …

  • The ordinance already grants the power to the governor to remove the board of a statutory body and replace them with a new board if found in contravention of the law.

  • But for the project to move forward, its ownership has to be transferred from the Department for Transport to another statutory body.

Additional Notes for statutory body

  • A statutory body is established by a law passed by a legislative body, such as Parliament or Congress.