state law


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Definitions of state law

  • the system of rules within a state

    A new provision in state law could enable prosecutors to rely on prior statement instead of live testimony.

Phrase Bank for state law

  • The Court held that a criminal restitution award was in the nature of a tax, and that contrary state law does not apply to actions by the U.S. government to collect a tax.

  • The courts have been looking past state law to allow the U.S. government to collect on assets that might have been otherwise protected.

  • The 2002 state law at issue allows the California Agricultural Labor Relations Board to order mediation to achieve a labor contract for farm workers.

  • The Supreme Court said it would not take up the church’s challenge to the state law.

  • A New York-based immigrants rights group filed a lawsuit against the Nassau County Police Department, alleging the department violates state law by detaining people on warrants issued by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers.

  • State law dictates that police need a judicial warrant to detain someone or must have reasonable cause to believe that the individual committed a crime.

  • The lawsuit alleges that Nassau County police officers are taking people into custody solely on ICE detainers or warrants, which is a violation of state law.

  • “All of us, as residents of New York State, are bound by New York State law and must follow New York state law,” said Elise Damas.