stakeholder pension


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Definitions of stakeholder pension

  • (UK) UK) a type of pension plan for people who do not belong to a company pension scheme or who are self-employed

    The minimum contribution to a stakeholder pension is just £20 a month.

Phrase Bank for stakeholder pension

  • I’ve got an L&G stakeholder pension with about £110k in it. I plan to top it up to about £190k this year. At the moment the stakeholder pension is entirely invested in the ‘L&G International Fund’ and looks to be charging about 1% per year.

  • In the case of a personal pension scheme, it explains why a personal pension scheme needs to be considered to be at least as suitable as a stakeholder pension scheme.

  • The amount you pay into your stakeholder pension can be as low as £20 a month, and you can pay monthly or weekly.

  • Benefits include a competitive salary, employee car ownership scheme, competitive stakeholder pension, private medical cover and 26 days holiday.

  • If you invest using a stakeholder pension, this is usually covered under the ‘long-term insurance’ FSCS coverage.

  • Of my three pension products, its my ex company pension, now a personal stakeholder pension which gives me the biggest dilemma.

  • The Company has no obligation to facilitate access to a stakeholder pension scheme under section 3 of the Welfare Reform and Pensions Act 1999.

  • … in respect of whom the UK Subsidiary has undertaken to contribute to a stakeholder pension plan.

Additional Notes for stakeholder pension

  • The stakeholder pension company invests the money a person saves and uses the fund on retirement to buy a pension from a pension provider.