• Administrative Law

Definitions of solemnize

  • to mark an event, especially a marriage, with a religious or other formal ceremony

    The couple were prevented from solemnizing their marriage at Pushkareshor Siva Temple.

  • to perform a marriage ceremony

    West used his authority as mayor to solemnize the marriages of two dozen gay and lesbian couples.

Phrase Bank for solemnize

  • Afterwards, they just need to visit the office once to solemnize the marriage.

  • He says via email that the bill would legalize same-sex marriage across the country but would not force religious ministers ever to solemnize it.

  • Although pastors are prohibited from solemnizing same-sex weddings, they will not be stopped from attending same-sex weddings performed.

  • Will you agree let us solemnize their Nikah?

  • But when it comes to ‘nikaah’, Islam says that it can be solemnized only between two Muslims.

  • Ruslan, a marriage officiant at the village, downright refuses to solemnize some unions.

  • It is a religious celebration, and is meant to solemnize the victory of light over darkness, good over evil and hope over despair.