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Definitions of similar

  • sharing the same qualities, looking like, or being almost the same

    C corporations are similar to private limited companies in the UK in many ways, particularly in respect of liability.

Phrase Bank for similar

  • The procedure is similar where the plaintiff does not accept the part only admission, when a date is fixed for pre-trial review (Ord 9, r 3(6)).

  • The situation seems to be similar in other parts of the country.

  • She and four of her brothers and sisters have launched a similar legal action.

  • A somewhat similar approach was adopted by Russell J. in Shears and Sons Ltd. v. Jones (1922) 128 L.T. 218.

  • Councillors are elected in a similar manner to Members of Parliament.

  • Under a similar provision in the Bankruptcy Act 1914 it had been held that a defect in a bankruptcy notice of a kind such as could reasonably mislead the debtor was not a mere formal defect or irregularity within the meaning of that provision.

  • The background of the two colleagues was remarkably similar.

  • Somewhat similar proposals at the time of the Revolution of 1688, for subjecting the Chancery to the control of the Common Law Courts, were rejected.

  • This is broadly similar to that available at common law, but, again, the express clause imports a certain amount of flexibility in the area of the price paid for third party goods (for instance a premium might have to be paid for quick delivery to meet the buyer’s original timescales), and as to how closely their specification need resemble the original goods.