settled land


  • Real Estate Law
  • Property Law
  • Decedents Estates Law/ Estate and Trusts Law

Definitions of settled land

  • land that is subject of a settlement (=where a trustee holds the land for a beneficiary)

    A settled land grant is required where the land is continuing as settled land after the death of the tenant for life.

  • land that is used by people, especially land that is lived on

    Out of about 3,000 acres of settled land in the Coco Islands, some 2,500 acres are controlled by the military.

Phrase Bank for settled land

  • Traditionally, a trustee has been unable to hold settled land in a trust indefinitely.

  • There are many ongoing settled land claims in the territory.

  • We also have the Registration of Titles Act and the Settled Land Act which are also relevant to the issue of trusts.

  • “purchaser” means a purchaser in good faith for value, and includes a lessee, mortgagee or other person who in good faith acquires an interest in settled land for value; …