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Definitions of senate

  • an upper house of a legislative body

    He resigned from the Canadian Senate.

  • the Senate is considered to be upper house of the American Congress. However, technically the US Constitution does not describe either one of the two houses in its bicameral system as being above the other.

    He testified before the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee.

  • the administrative body of a university, college, or other institution

    The university's senate held a meeting to discuss the future of music as a degree subject.

Phrase Bank for senate

  • The US Senate voted on Tuesday to block President Obama’s tough new climate change regulations

  • The Senate approved two resolutions on Tuesday.

  • There’s still much work to be done in the Illinois Senate.

  • Two of Chevron’s most senior executives mounted a defence of the company’s behaviour at a Senate hearing in Sydney.

  • Students may apply in accordance with rules approved by the Senate.

  • The new proposal was passed by the Senate on October 27.

  • Members of the Senate Intelligence Committee have been told that a formal request will be made to Britain.