rough justice


  • Procedural Law and Evidence
  • Criminal Law

Definitions of rough justice

  • unfair legal processes, treatment, or punishment

    As Iraqis wait for the establishment of a new constitution and judicial framework, so-called "tribal courts" are already administering rough justice in the south.

Phrase Bank for rough justice

  • However, “this can sometimes lead to rough justice“, said one lawyer.

  • It would be unacceptable if deserving individuals, with right on their side, found themselves the victim of rough justice.

  • On the frontier, a kind of rough justice had prevailed.

  • Catherine Mayer, co-founder of the Women’s Equality Party, criticised McEwan for crying ‘rough justice’ about the treatment of alleged offenders.

  • Termed “punishment” beatings or killings, this form of street “law” is extremely rough justice.

Additional Notes for rough justice

  • The term is also sometimes used to describe a harsh, though not necessarily unfair, punishment: Wells Fargo & Co. customers who didn’t consent to having 3.5 million accounts created by bankers trying to hit sales quotas are finally getting what a judge called “rough justice.”