remedial action


Definitions of remedial action

  • a change made to a faulty product or service to correct the problem; a cure for a violation or bad situation

    "In order to mitigate the harm caused by the violation, the parties should take the following remedial actions."

Phrase Bank for remedial action

  • As a consequence of the report, APRA ordered CBA to carry an additional $1 billion in regulatory capital and enter into an enforceable undertaking to conduct remedial action.

  • All other entities, including municipalities, had followed the remedial action defined by the Public Protector.

  • For each site, a remedial action work plan would be developed.

  • Locals presented a representation letter to the health officer, who assured the delegation of looking into the matter and taking remedial action against those involved in causing nuisance at public places.

  • E. Should the Element or any other division of NJDEPE or other governmental authority determine that a remedial action workplan be prepared and that …

  • (f) If Tenant fails to immediately undertake such Remedial Action, Landlord shall have the right but not the obligation to enter onto the Premises.