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Definitions of reference

  • (also: letter of reference/reference letter) a letter containing information about you and written by someone who knows you well, especially one to be sent to a potential employer, university or landlord etc

    A good character reference letter helped her get employment.

  • a mention of something in a speech, a piece of writing or an artistic work etc

    We should normally avoid references to commercial products.

  • a letter in which an employer, former employer, teacher, professor, or other authority figure recommends an employee to a potential future employer for a new job

    She asked her college tutor for a reference with regard to employment.

Phrase Bank for reference

  • Reference should be made to the source and application of funds statement in the opinion paragraph.

  • Any future reference to this Product must be made by either the existing Product identifier or this new title.

  • But to avoid doubt, specific reference should be made in the written contract.

  • However, it should contain references to the underlying trends in profitability, risk, and the increasing reliance on debt.

  • However, there was no direct reference to the state of their marriage in the Statement.

  • In this Act the expression `liable in tort’ does not include any reference to liability by virtue of this Act, or to liability by virtue of any such law

  • The book provides an up-to-date reference source on commercial matters.

  • The Court made no reference to any presumption that the criminal law should be construed strictly in favour of a defendant.

  • There the letter breaks off, and I find no other reference to the incident.

  • This distinction could be explained by reference to civil law ideas of formal service as opposed to informal delivery.

  • Deborah says Principal Thea Killian helped Maddie with her applications, writing her a reference letter and guiding her through the process of applying.

  • This comes after Tselane at the weekend posted on Twitter that the IEC had refused to give him a reference.

  • We will give a great reference letter for your college applications.

  • You’ll be able to use any artwork produced for your personal portfolio, and will get a reference upon request.

  • Your resume gets you in the door, and a good reference can often seal the deal.