• General legal English

Definitions of refer

  • if you refer a thing or a person to someone to something or someone, then you send it to another person or place to be dealt with or to get information, advice or help etc

    The client has been referred to us by Mr Stewart.

  • if you refer to someone or something when speaking or writing, then you mention them in some way

    He referred to his time as an associate lawyer several times during his speech to the bar association.

  • if you refer to something then you look at it for information

    He referred to his notes throughout the trial.

Phrase Bank for refer

  • The Times refers to the documents in question.

  • That is why people commonly refer to them as Big Oil.

  • For information on how to do this you will need to refer to the instruction book.

  • The general counsel agreed to refer work to attorneys at participating law firms.

  • The must refer any clients seeking such services to certified counselors.

  • Experienced lawyers may be pleased to refer their smaller cases to you.

  • Plaintiff moved to refer the action to mediation.

  • The Criminal Cases Review Commission has referred the case to the Court of Appeal because of questions over an expert’s evidence.

Additional Notes for refer

  • Referral is the noun corresponding to the first definition of refer above: If you do not know an attorney, you may want to call an attorney referral service.

  • Reference is the noun form for the other definitions: If any reference to a branded product is made we must make sure that it is justified.