• General legal English

Definitions of reconcile

  • to find a way to make two opposite situations, ideas, or beliefs to be able to exist together

    They could not reconcile their differences.

  • the act of making two people or groups to become friendly towards each other again after a disagreement or dispute etc

    The two were reconciled during a successful partners' meeting last week.

  • to accept a situation despite the fact that you do not like it

    He simply can't reconcile himself to the new management.

Phrase Bank for reconcile

  • In addition, UNIGLOBE will provide Intergraph with sufficient information to reconcile the payment.

  • If it is found to be impossible to reconcile such differences then the public interest and the maintenance of professional standards must be the primary considerations.

  • There was no possible way of reconciling such a view with that interests of landlords.

  • It has become increasingly difficult to reconcile its existence with the predominant emphasis which the law now places on the welfare of children.

  • The problem was how to reconcile the need for accountability on the part of the broadcasters with their need for a maximum degree of autonomy so as to be able to carry out their work without undue political or other constraints.

  • Learning how to reconcile the conflicting interests of the partners is a new challenge.

  • They cannot reconcile themselves to the moderate pay of lawful industry.

  • He said he could no longer reconcile his strong Christian faith with his responsibilities as leader of a political party.