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Definitions of reclaim

  • to recover something that has been lost, given or paid etc

    He began court proceedings to reclaim the farm under the 1975 Inheritance Act.

Phrase Bank for reclaim

  • This does not give the right to reclaim goods by force.

  • Party A has right to terminate the lease, reclaim the property and claim for compensation, should there be any consequent loss or damage.

  • 2. has a right to revoke the trust or reclaim assets settled on the trust without the consent of another person (other than a spouse or minor child); …

  • … guaranties, and other security therefor, as well as all merchandise returned to or reclaimed by Borrower and Borrower’s books relating to any of the foregoing.

  • Landlord may reclaim up to seventy-five percent (75%) of any amperage Landlord reasonably determines through …

  • First, outside the existing UDC areas, it will reclaim derelict land, assembling suitable sites for redevelopment using vesting or compulsory purchase powers where necessary.

  • Anyone in this situation can reclaim the tax from their tax office after the end of the tax year in April.

  • The park itself is on land largely reclaimed from derelict colliery sites and slag-heaps.

  • The composite rate is deducted at source and cannot be reclaimed by non-tax-payers.