• Contract Law

Definitions of recitals

  • the first part of an agreement or other document listing the background facts

    The recitals contained in the investigation report shed further light on the defendant's possible motives.

Phrase Bank for recitals

  • R E C I T A L S A. Employee and Employer desire to enter into this Contract to memorialize the employment relationship between Employer and Employee. B. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Contract, Employee is the Chief Technical Officer of Employer.

  • RECITALS: A. Pursuant to the Employment Agreement, dated May 21, 2001, by and between Company and Employee (the “Employment Agreement”), Employee is currently employed by Company as Chief Operating and Financial Officer. B. Employee and Company both desire to terminate Employee’s employment with …

  • The MoA is supposed to contain the recitals, which provides a general idea about what the contract or agreement is all about.

  • To be clear, however, even though the court noted that recitals “may have a material influence in construing the contract and determining the intent of the parties,” the court also noted some limitations on recitals.

  • It is often the case that where commercial contracts include a recitals section preceding the operative provisions, the recitals will be among those sections of the contract that have been afforded the least consideration by the contracting parties during the drafting stages.

Additional Notes for recitals

  • Recitals are sometimes described as referring to the so-called whereasclauses of a contract. They give the reader a general idea as to what the contract is about.

  • The term recitals may also be used in reference to certain laws, regulations, or other official rules: Within its recitals, the Regulation states that it applies to products “manufactured by the financial services industry to provide investment opportunities to retail investors” and goes on to state that funds “dedicated to institutional investors” are excluded from the scope of the Regulation.