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Definitions of quantum

  • the amount of money legally payable to a claimant in damages (=money compensation for loss)

    What is the quantum of damages that may be claimed?

Phrase Bank for quantum

  • The amount payable under clause 4.1 shall be paid by the Company to Wipro irrespective of the actual quantum of usage by Wipro towards promotion of the trade mark.

  • The following paragraph specifically eliminates any claim they might have to damages in quantum meruit.

  • … integrity, number of employment years and any other factor as deemed fit by the Board, form the basis for determining the quantum for awarding the Options.

  • The parties agree that the US$1,000,000 is the actual quantum of the damages in respect of the value of pre-opening services Hyatt would suffer due to such …

  • … and (f) Lender shall not have received a Quantum Notification (as defined in the letter agreement between Subordinating Creditor and Lender dated April 30, …