puisne judge


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Definitions of puisne judge

  • a normal judge with no particular distinction or title, rather than a senior judge; a junior judge

    The Judicial Service Commission of Gibraltar invites applications for the post of Puisne Judge of the Supreme Court of Gibraltar.

Phrase Bank for puisne judge

  • Speaking at the swearing in of Attorney Fidela Corbin-Lincoln as Puisne Judge, the Head of State said “I have received such advice and I have acted dutifully in accordance with the Constitution in administering the oath of office today.”

  • She has served as Registrar of the Supreme Court since May 2016 and has often sat as an acting Puisne Judge.

  • Johanne Brodeur who is general counsel and director of litigation for the Union des producteurs agricoles, has been appointed a puisne judge of the Superior Court for the district of MontrĂ©al.

  • Former Judicial Officer of the Eastern Caribbean Court, Fidela Corbin-Lincoln has returned home to become a Puisne Judge.

Additional Notes for puisne judge

  • The term is used in some common law jurisdictions.

  • In the UK, there term refers to any judge of the High Court other than the heads of each division.

  • puisne mortgage (noun) a second or subsequent mortgage of land of which the title deeds to the property are kept by the first mortgagee: A puisne mortgage, for example, is junior in its claim on the mortgaged asset to the preceding or senior mortgage.